Skriker Will Be An Experience That You Will Not Soon Forget

McVee, Sarah/Mirror News/October 2006: pp. 5-6

     If in the course of your daily adventures, you find yourself caught up in a series of events which cause your entrance into the Adray Auditorium of the Fine Arts Center, you might just land yourself front row seats to the apocalypse.

     Today, the stage will be engulfed in the roaring flames of the underworld as the Skriker rises from the depths of darkness to the world above in order to claim its vengeance on mankind.

     In this eye-opening play, we are reminded of an ancient world where humans cherished the gifts nature had to offer and lovingly respected the mysterious spirits of the earth who personified man’s harmonious connection to the world.

     However, since the industrial revolution, this ideal is no more. In this new time, man senselessly ravages the earth and dwindling resources without a second thought. Without mankind’s balance with nature, the earth is flung into a downward spiral of negligence and mindless self-indulgence.

     The Skriker, a shape-shifting faerie, emerges from the underworld, hell-bent on claiming retribution for our dying planet. Following the Skriker, are other residents of the underworld including, goblins, spriggans, brownies, bogles, faeries, and elves.

     The Skriker plays on the weaknesses of the two sisters, Lily and Josie, in a fiendish plot to steal Lily’s child and ultimately bring about the annihilation of humanity’s future.

     The Skriker is a chilling social commentary by English playwright Caryl Churchill. “She is considered of the world’s greatest playwrights,” stated George Popovich, the director of this production. Churchill, an Oxford graduate in English literature, has been known for the incorporation of feminist themes and rejection of realism in her writing.

     In the play, Churchill uses a bizarre dialect for the Skriker that some may disregard as incoherent babble, but under close examination we can see that it is a sort of “cultural collective unconscious” flowing through her mind and surfacing amidst a normal train of thought.

     This production will hopefully be the beginning of something revolutionary in the theater world. The incredible use of the theatricality lab and motion capture technology should take this play to a whole new level. The Skriker promises to be a satisfying experience for laypersons and experienced thespians alike.

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