To view video clips of Dinosaurus! Research and Development, Click HERE.
To view Photos of Dinosaurus! Click HERE.

(Note: Due to copyright restrictions, we regret we are unable to include music and sound effects tracks. Thus some clips are without sound tracks, including dialogue.)


The Dinosaurs
Hark (Hadrosaur): Joanna Graham
Turtle (Dimitrodon): Diana Galante
KingKing (Tyrannosaurus Rex): Mike Cochran
Spike (Triceratops): Carolyn Cajas
Big (Brontosaurus): Diana Galante
ZooZoo (Hadrosaur): Carolyn Cajas
Tall (Hardrosaur): Kevin Talanges

The Humans
Peek: Michael Cochran
Bunk: Matt Van Houten
The Professor: Matt Van Houten
Dino Dancers: Anita Hosley-Banks, Roderick Taylor, Starsha Varner

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