Damn Yankees Out of the Ballpark!

Richard Marsh/Dearborn Press and Guide/May 8, 1986

HFCC has started its season off with a home run with the incredibly energetic, dance-filled extravaganza Damn Yankees directed by Dr. George Popovich who gave us last fall’s deeply engaging serious drama Equus.

The acting is superb with each of the main actors offering great performances. Of particular note, however, is Daniel Booth as the evil Applegate. His talents really bring the character to life and are a joy to watch. Joining Booth in the show are Dan Cooney as Joe Hardy, Kimberly Scherer as the newspaper reporter, Tracey Kurcz as Lola and Randal Kudzak as the team manager.  The singing has a wonderful quality to it and fits in well with the rest of the production.

There is some dandy choreography and the orchestra has a sweet sound to it. Director Popovich has created a snappy pace for the show, using rapid set changes and clever staging.  Popovich’s special effects also rate near the top. There are flashes of devilish smoke and fire that shoot from the fingers of Applegate. 

Popovich has a knack at making this show seem fresh and relevant. Audience attention was rapt and laughter (in the right places!) was rampant. This is a fun old-time fun musical and you will have a great time!

“Damn Yankees” is running tonight through Saturday in the Adray Auditorium on the HFCC campus. Curtain is 8 p.m. each night.For more information, call 845-9634. 

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