Almost, Maine

Community Theatre of Howell, Howell, MI./August, 2018
(Director, Scenic Design, Sound Design, Special Effects, Props, Set Construction)

John Cariani’s Almost, Maine, a play set in a mythical “almost” town, explores the magic, wonder, humor, and sometimes sadness of the human enigma of love. Using a style dubbed “magical realism” by The New York Times, Cariani takes us through a one night journey of the souls of the inter-connected denizens of this fantastical place. People fall in love, people fall out of love. Some see others as they never have. Some fail to see others as they really are. The spell of a black, star-filled winter sky and the electric hum of the aurora borealis infuse the play with magic and humanity. Almost, Maine is a contemporary romantic comedy about a fictional small town’s people and their loves as they discover each other and themselves.

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