Dramatic Slapstick? HFCC performed It!

Richard Marsh/Dearborn Press and Guide/December 1986

     Dramatic slapstick may be a contradiction in terms, but if there is such a thing, then Henry Ford Community College came close to it last weekend. The Performing Arts Department of the school staged “A Flea in Her Ear,” a French farce set around the turn of the century.  Director George Popovich took the play to its ridiculous extreme by adding a Three Stooges touch to it.

Even with the slapstick, Popovich managed to maintain the rigid rules of theatre in the show. The result would have to be classified as dramatic slapstick. It was a production which was both well done and enjoyable. The audience laughed continuously and clapped loudly.

High marks also have to go to the cast as the action on stage was fast and furious, befitting an energy level for this riotous farce. Of particular note in the cast were Steve Bielawski as Etienne, David Tucker as Finache, Claudia Hawthorne as Lucienne and Corrin K. Houge as Ivyonne Chandel.

Other players in the show included David Reinhard as Camille, Michelle Gorman as Antoinette, James Worline as Victor Emmanuel Chandel and Poche, Frank Serazio as Romain Tournel, Charles Saad as Hominides de Histangua and Baptistin, Connie McNutt as Ferallion, Leah Ankeny as Eugenie, Pat White as Olympe and Cheri Cernan as Rugby.

The play had many hilarious minor touches, especially an extended scene that involved a proctology bit. There are pratfalls galore and people running in and out of doors and jumping through windows. The physical comedy is superb and the stage movement inventive and fast-paced.

One of the technical aspects which enhanced the light comedy in the show was the sound effects, designed by Popovich.  Always generating a few laughs, the effects added a lot to the play. All in all, a fun and light evening at the theatre!

1986 Page Award Winners
Best Sound: Dr. George Popovich


  • Camille: David Reinhard
  • Antoinette: Michelle Gorman
  • Etienne: Steve Bielawski
  • Finache: David Tucker
  • Lucienne: Claudia Hawthorne
  • Ivyonne Chandel: Claudia Hawthorne
  • Victor Emmanuel Chandel: James S. Worline
  • Romain Tournel: Frank Serazio
  • Hominides de Histangua: Charles Saad
  • Ferallion: Connie McNutt
  • Eugenie: Leah Ankeny
  • Olympe: Pat White
  • Baptistin: Charles Saad
  • Rugby: Cheri Cernan
  • Poche: James S. Worline
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